Zeev Suraski needs no introduction. He is The Co-founder of Zend Technologies and is credited for some exceptional work around development during his career. In 1997, he created PHP 3 with his friend Andi gutmans. The name Zend is basically derived from Zeev and Andi.

Zeev’s contribution to PHP can never be ignored because it was his efforts from his early days that actually resulted in more than 20 million PHP based websites. He made significant contributions in writing the Zend engine and is also a member of Apache Software Foundation.

Cloudways had the honor of interviewing Zeev, where he shared his experiences, thoughts and also talked about his early career struggles. He also shared his views about major PHP frameworks like Laravel and Zend and also shared his expectations about PHP7. Now, without any further wait.

Read Complete Interview Here: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/zend-c...ski-interview/

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