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Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension

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    Default Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension

    According to IBM, B2B always plays an important role in marketplace

    Ecommerce shop owners who have the desire for creating a healthy relationship with customers, especially B2B market, cannot take the Configurable Configurable Product Grid Table View for granted.

    BSSConfigurable Product Grid Table View allows Magento Shop Owners to show configurable products in a neat and professional grid table to show specific features of selected products. Therefore, instead of processing repeated clicks to choose and add needed number of products. The transaction with enough number of products will be done faster by the aid of a convenient and neat following grid table:

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    The feature of automatically calculating total price allows customers to easily estimate the acceptable quantity which is suitable with their affordability. There will be no hesitation to make more transactions because customers’ fear of exceeding their available equity is diminished. You are likely to receive more orders.

    Going further than that, the extension enables to display stock availability such as “In stock” or “Out of Stock”, driving customers to easily keeping the products on track. Thus, there will be no disappointment with the unsatisfied transaction by lacking expected products.

    With the extension, not only clients’ experience is enhanced but their time completing transactions is also saved. Customers can add to cart products with different attributes at the same time.

    BSS Configurable Product Grid Table View extension is an effective module that engages customers in purchasing process and attract more customers’ attention to your Magento Store.

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    Check out our UPDATED version of Configurable Grid Table View Extension.
    PRO Configurable Grid Table View Extension with new Amazing Features:
    - Color Swatch
    - Tier Prices
    - Availability
    - Quantity
    - Auto-Calculate the total prices of selected items
    - Add all selected associated products to cart in one click
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    FROM Feb 5th, 2016 TO Feb 29th, 2016
    We are offering "BUY ONE GET ONE" promotion for 3 products: Defer JavaScript, Minimum Order Amount for Customer Group and Lazy Image Loader. When buying one of these products, you will get the corresponding version for Magento 2.
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    Check out for Configurable Product Grid View for Magento 2 to add multiple products to cart at one time by showing all children products in a simple table

    - Display all children products in a simple table and customers can add multiple products to cart simultaneously by choosing quatity for each product and then click Add to Cart button
    - Show stock number and out of stock status of each children product in the table
    - Display price range for the configurable product

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