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Magento 2.0 frontend engine

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    Default Magento 2.0 frontend engine

    Magento 2 comes with a distinctive set of improved frontend approaches compared to its predecessor Magento 1.X, today we will look under the hood of Magento 2.0 frontend engine. And describe the most interesting parts in details.

    The big difference is that frontend is now updated with newer technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

    There are also significant changes/improvements to overall layout manipulation, file structure and a brand new introduction to Magento UI library heavily based on LESS preprocessor with built in compiler.

    One of the main goals besides performance and scalability was to serve RWD out of the box. In this article I’ll try to cover some of the main differences, dive into development and demonstrate some practical examples.

    More Details :

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    Magento 2 has been built with the intention of enhancing the experience of developers as well as users.

    Various things have been rethought to provide the best in class stability, high performance, efficiency and ease of use. The list of unparalleled features makes Magento 2 the best platform to develop your online store.

    We can help you out!


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