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Why and How to migrate database from BigCommerce to WooCommerce

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    Cool Why and How to migrate database from BigCommerce to WooCommerce

    Nov 2015, LitExtension introduces BigCommerce to WooCommerce Migration, a tool allows online store owner to migrate database from your shopping cart to WooCommerce automatically. LitExtension suggests Products, Customers Information, Customer Passwords, Orders, Categories, Product Review, Taxes and Other Data in few steps.
    WooCommerce migration module:

    Documentation & Support
    Compatible with
    - Magento 1.1.x - 1.9.x
    - WP 4.x , WooCommerce 2.3.x

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    What advantages do Commerce to WooCommerce Migration Tool by LitExtension give owners?

    1. Unlimited and Full Features Migration
    Unlimited migration with full advanced options, such as clearing store, moving URL ranking, migrating images in product description, product reviews...

    2. Keep Your Search Rankings & Traffic
    Maintain all old url links of products and categories when you plan to replace the old store, thus helps keeping your current SEO ranking you have built up for years.

    3. Customers Password Migration
    BigCommerce to WooCommerce migration is extremely helpful to migrate customers password.

    4. Custom Fields Migration
    In case your cart has changed in database structure, this feature is designed to help you migrate your custom fields. Support migrating custom fields of Products, Categories, Customers and Orders.

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    BigCommerce is a paid-for solution that currently has three pricing plans. These are:
    Silver- $29.95/month
    Gold- $79.95/month
    Platinum- $199.95/month
    The “Silver” plan also charges a transaction fee of 1.5%. These fees can add up, which will ultimately chew on your budget.

    You have to pay a monthly fee with BigCommerce while WooCommerce doesn’t cost you a penny. WooCommerce is free to download. You just have to pay for any plugins you need, no charge for others. It completely depends on users’ needs. Moreover, WooCommerce has cheaper hosting solution cost. For example, you can get hosting for $3.96 per month.

    It is one of reasons why e-merchants should migrate BigCommerce products to WooCommerce.
    More details at

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    BigCommerce is know as a ecommerce platform that is easy to use, and in some ways, it is. We all know that BigCommerce is designed for easy setup. On the other hand, this may make extensive customizations difficult and frustrate power users who want more complicated features and options that have to be hidden away.

    WooCommerce is so easy to use that it allows you to build your own eStore without spending thousands of dollars on development or being good at coding language or hiring developers WooCommerce has just amazed with its user friendly functionality and outstanding set of designs. WooCommerce is also an open source e-commerce plug-in that works well with WordPress CMS. WordPress is the most popular CMS of the internet. Compared to BigCommerce, WooCommerce is used by both experienced and newbie site administrators and web designers.

    I believe that many businesses using BigCommerce have necessary to change their shops to WooCommerce. However, not all people know what is good solutions for data transfer. I found

    Read BigCommerce to WooCommerce migration guide at

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