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Miva Merchant to WooCommerce by LitExtension Migration Tool

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    Cool Miva Merchant to WooCommerce by LitExtension Migration Tool

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    The best solution for migrating to WooCommerce helps you migrate your products, customers, orders, customers password, categories, reviews… from Miva Merchant to WooCommerce in a few clicks!

    Module Detail:
    Installation Guide: WooCommerce Data Migration - Installation Guide
    FREE Live Demo: Click here


    1. Products
    - Product Information: Product Name, Product Description, Quantity, Model, Available, Weight, Created Date, Modified Date , Price, Tax Class, etc.
    - Product Images: Support to migrate all products images from source store to target store
    - Product Attributes: Additional fields that may affect the price of product and have a couple of meanings.
    - Product Extra Fields: Additional fields that do not affect the price of product and have no selective meanings.
    - Product Variants: A specific item, it can be grouped with related variants together to form a product.
    - Product Tags: The keyword you assign to your product. Tags describe a property of your product.

    2. Categories
    - Categories: Product categories constituting the major groups of products in the store.
    - Image Categories: Images corresponding to the product categories.

    3. Customers
    - Customer information: First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, DOB, Phone, Home Address, Shipping Address, Billing Address, Registered Date, Status, etc.
    - Customers Password: Support migrate Customer Passwords from Miva Merchant to WooCommerce.
    - Customer Groups: Allows to migrate customers preserving relationships with their groups

    4. Orders
    - Order Information: Customer Information, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Currency, Order Statuses, Totals, Created Date, etc.
    - Order Details: List of products in an order, e.g. Product Name, Price, Quantity, etc. of each product in an order.

    5. URLs
    Redirect your old Source Store Products, Categories page URLs to the corresponding pages in your site, thus it helps to keep SEO ranking you have built up for years.

    6. Custom Fields

    - Migrate Custom Fields: Support migrating custom fields of products, categories, customers and orders

    7. Reviews
    - Review Information: Reviews of each product made by customer on your store including: Customers Name, Rating, Review, etc.

    8. Taxes
    - Tax details: Name, Value, Value Type, Created Date, etc.

    9. Manufacturers

    - Manufacturers Information: Name, Description, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, etc.
    - Manufacturer Images: Images corresponding to product manufacturers in the store.

    10. Currencies

    - List of currency rates

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    Great shopping cart migration service!
    People can see way to migrate from Miva to WooCommerce at

    Note: WooCommerce migration tool allows to tranfer your customers, products, orders, passwords and other data from Miva Merchant to WooCommerce in a few clicks.

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