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Copyright Protection Plugin For Wordpress will allow you to secure your wordpress Website content and images. so that the plagiarists could not copy the content and steal data or images from your wordpress site.

By using the Copyright Protection For Wordpress, you can block the Keyboard Shortcuts (like CTRL+C, CTRL+A, CTRL+X and CTRL+V,CTR+U,F12,CTR+SHIFT+I,CTR+Z etc...), disable the Text Selection and images Drag and Drop, and block right click on your website. Copyright Protection For Wordpress must for any business owner, blogger and WordPress site owner who is serious about protecting his online content!

  • Disables right click context menu on all content
  • Disables text selection on PC and mobile devices
  • Disables Text and Image Drag and Drop and Save on PC and mobile devices
  • Disables Following keyboard controls
  • Disables 'Source view', 'Save Page'.
  • Display warning message in popup when someone stole your content or image
  • No Compromise with SEO. Search engines will still be able grab to your content.
  • Admin can enable/disable protection by user role.
  • Compatible with all gallery plugins
  • Compatible with IE9, IE10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari
  • Compatible with all major theme frameworks and browsers
  • Define IP who can't be affected by this plugin
  • Pretty copyright alert
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins

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