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Overview Of Magento 2

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    Default Overview Of Magento 2

    The long-awaited Magento 2 is about to be released in coming months. With a steady stage building design and further upgrades to both execution and adaptability in the works, Magento 2 is coming with lots of expectations.

    It is critical to note that Magento 2 is in dynamic advancement. During the Magento 2 Developer Release Candidate webinar, it was revealed that there would be no major building changes to the core programming, which is a welcome news for expansion designers. Moreover, as execution and versatility are at the center of strategy of the Magento 2 Development group, some of what is talked about in this overview is prone to change.

    Magento 2 Performance Structure

    Magento’s new version is coming out with lots of improvements. The performance of the new version of Magento is expected to be better than the previous iterations. However, there is still a long way to go before the final release. Some of the significant improvements coming in Magento 2 are:

    • Static resource pre-handling and distributed through the static perspective record organization instrument

    • Coordinated page reserve

    • Redis cache support

    • Enhanced indexing utilizing MySQL triggers and stored procedures.

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    Several Magento developers tested the beta version by migrating the websites to the new version, but unfortunately websites got crashed due to the bugs in the beta version, which will surely be resolved in the coming version for making Magento a better eCommerce development solution platform.

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