Hi everyone - First of all thanks for having me here!

I am currently having an e-commerce site built (for trade accounts only, not members of the public) and the developers have stumbled upon a problem that I am hoping someone here can think of a solution to

  • Dev's are using Magento 1.9
  • Products are configurable
  • Discount for customer group (we are using catalog price rules)

Background - We supply tennis products to the trade in the UK. We have different discount structures in place which is causing the problem. First of all we have different groups of discount 10%, 15%, 20%. This has been implemented already and I want this type of visual discount to be shown for each product when the customer signs into the site. The problem we have is it seems we can either only have this account discount as shown below not in conjunction with the multiple purchase discount. screenshot below:

Name:  Discount 15% Screeny.png
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The discounts we have for ordering more than one product goes like this: EXAMPLE - If the customer orders 1 set of tennis string (Premier Control set in the screeny above) then the Price is £7.99 (-15% account discount =£6.79). Then if someone orders 6 of the same string the price before 15% discount should be £7.50 per set or per product. Then we need the 15% discount to be applied to this lower 6 pack price - The final price per set should be shown on the next line down in the product section - see screenshot below:

Name:  Discount 6 pack price Screeny.png
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The dev's say that Magento is turning off the tier 6 pack price because the customer has already got a better price with their account discount....

How you know all the info - My final question is how can we get Magento to show the -15% banner over each products, show the old price and cheaper price and then also calculate the buy 6 multiple tier price into the equation too?

If someone can help with this quandary we would be so appreciative!! This is the first website I have had built and am learning at every stage along the way.

Best wishes,


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