The term integration refers to streamlining two systems to acquire desired business output. The value triggers further if the platforms are Magento and SugarCRM – two giants, taking the business world into its stride! Considering their impact and usefulness on worldwide business, we have blended these two leading platforms and the result was excellent. These two promising platforms when bought together provided a professional business solution for the organizations seeking better business management.

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Modules we have Synced Collected from Both the Platforms:

Customer ? Accounts

Customer information updated in Magento is reflected in the account section of SugarCRM software and vice versa while integrating Magento with SugarCRM (two way synchronization).

Category ? Department

Category added in Magento is updated in department section of SugarCRM (one way synchronization).

Product ? Product

Products entered in Magento are instantly updated in SugarCRM (one way synchronization).

Order ? Order

Data entered in SugarCRM is automatically updated in Magento except order status (one way synchronization).

Although we haven’t kept the data synchronization two ways for all modules but we are open to offering all types of customization and two way synchronization to the businesses as per their specific needs.

Top Benefits Implementing Integrated Solution Brings

Business owners seeking better ROI, implement integrated solution.

  • Avail finest marketing strategies
  • Improve customer relation
  • Refine marketing strategies
  • Access data from both the platforms under single terminal
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Avoid data duplication in databases

The most striking and significant aspect that set our integration solutions apart from others is our Biztech Gateway that acts as a buffer tool between CRM and Magento, storing every single data while synchronization process to avoid data loss or leakage.

Our integrated solution is compatible with Magento 1.6 and above and SugarCRM CE version 6.5 and above. Simplify and automate your business by implementing our integrated solution. It’s a big gain at small price.

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