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We are happy to announce that our partners at Webtex software has release a fully-revamped version of Fulfillment by Amazon Magento Extension and added the most frequently requested features.

Now, the extension lets you fully automate Amazon order fulfillment process. With the new version of the tool you can:

– create fulfillment rules that will automatically send your order to Amazon in accordance with the criteria you define (e.g. shipping method, country, ZIP code, etc.), which means that now it’s possible to fulfill M2E Pro orders with Amazon,
– customize fulfillment order data,
– manually create a new fulfillment order using data from any other Magento order or from scratch,
– link products to multiple Amazon marketplaces and select the appropriate marketplace right before creating a fulfillment order (using the fulfillment rules),
– and more.

Your feedback on this new functionality is truly appreciated. Feel free to test the updated version of our FBA extension and please let us know how it works for you.

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