Copy/Move WP plugin enables the admin of any website or blog to move or copy the comments from one page to another irrespective of its page type.

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Comment Management Gets Better

Now you can shift the comments of any page to any other page easily without requiring to losing the comments once you delete the older pages for revamping of any other reason. You can now copy or move your valuable and encouraging comments from your online customers to any other page of your website.

Core Features

  • Simple to install and activate.
  • Can save or move the comments from one page to another.

User’s Gain

  • It gives an opportunity to the website owner never to delete the comments from their pages by shifting it to some other page in case of adding new versions of old pages in the process of revamping or any other process in which several pages are deleted.
  • This stay the admin connected with their customers’ comments all the time helping them understand their online behavior and needs.

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