This is a great add-on module for your VirtueMart store. The module will help your customers to easily find the products based on Keyword Search. With Ajax empowered technology, visitors do not have to wait for the whole VirtueMart page to reload to see their search results. It works fine on many VirtueMart and Joomla’s versions
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- Keyword Search Easily

The module will help your shoppers find products based on Keyword Search easily.

- Ajax Empowered Technology

With Ajax empowered technology, visitors do not have to wait for the whole VirtueMart page to reload and get their search results. They just need to type 3 characters of a keyword and results will be beautifully displayed together with an image thumbnail and the price.

- Set A Number Of Search Results

You can set a number of search results in case you have many products for the same keyword.

- Search results quickly

- Using Ajax enabled technologies

- Ajax empowerd technology

- You can set a number of the search results.

- Ajax results can be styled with own code

- Create and show own thumbs for products

- Cache the result of the search thus making it much faster

- Support SEO extensions

- Use your VirtueMart's language files - no translation is necessary

- Install and Uninstall cleanly with Joomla Installer
PRO Version

A full version of VirtueMart Ajax Search will give you more utilities:

- It can be fully styled including the results, it uses standard Joomla overrides for it's styles

- The results are much more relevant - much higher quality of the results, especially due to searching word variations

- New non-ajax mode for sites that require the largest speed possible

- New "more" button can be added to the results set

- It can use either your VirtueMart's category theme, K2 theme, or it's own theme within Joomla overrides

- It shows top 500 keywords, so you can customize your product descriptions in case the customers do not find what you sell

- It added a new options: "debug - to be able to style the ajax pop-ups" and "search products only in stock"
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