Image does speak louder than words. Human’s brain proceed information via visualized images way more quicker than words. In today busy advertising, customers see banners everywhere from billboard to online banners. Banners can be used in online advertising like PPC or referral sites, affiliate sites or just keep your visitor to your website a little bit longer. If your banners don’t stand out from the crowd, you may lose a high amount of traffic to your competitors.

Today, I share you tips on creating highly-converted banner from my friend who has successfully created hundreds of banners.

#1 Tip: His secret method is creating metaphor. For example, you sell alarm/camera system. Think about the characteristics it has: protect, right? What else protects? They can be policeman, armor and watchdog. You can use watchdog as the image for your banner. I highly recommend you read this book to understand the power of metaphor.

#2 Tip: You should create your banner with real image. Real faces of a people or real face of a pet (yes, a pet. Don’t you know even marketing powerhouse like Hubspot used dog’s face?). Customers are more inclined to click on real photos rather than graphic photos. Please believe me, this tip works J

#3 Tip: Use tools or templates to save your time to create banners. Here I want to share with you 20 Free Templates for Banners in Affiliate sites (It also has all the size you can use for Adwords, your site and many referral sites.)

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