We are happy to introduce you 2 absolutely new products. These tools will let you encourage more visitors to purchase on your site and help you fully automate a wide range of store management activities.

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FREE Customers Online Magento Extension

The module adds a persuasive pop-up message that displays the current # of site visitors thus helping you convince other ones to make a purchase.

  • Display the current # of visitors viewing each product page
  • Show time/ location of the last made order
  • Set the minimal number of visitors to display
  • Select the time range for the last displayed order
  • Select which order number to display (by sorting orders by their status)

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ADVANCED Store Manager for Magento PRO Primary

The desktop app is equipped with a bunch of great features that will help you effectively accomplish more store management tasks in less time.

  • Manage products and categories all in one place
  • Quickly update store inventory, create orders with POS
  • Export/Import products to/ from in most popular file formats
  • Efficiently manage customers/ order data
  • Take advantage of the most precise Magento analytics
  • Run the most powerful store diagnostics.

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