Are you running an e-store having loads of products and a decent flow of sale and loyal customers? Probably you still need some more features and functionalities to add to your e-commerce site to offer improved buying experience to your customers. Integrating our ‘Address Indicator’ extension your customers will now be able to add their residential as well as commercial address while purchasing online.

This extension enables the buyer to add new residential or commercial address while checking out for billing and delivering of products.
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Core Front End Features (For Customers)

  • Enables shoppers use residential or commercial addresses for single or multiple address checkouts.
  • It also allows the shoppers to select residential and commercial address types while adding new address to their profile.
  • This extension works for both commercial and residential addresses.

Core Back End Features (For Merchants)

  • This makes modifications to the ‘destination type’ of the order placed in the admin panel when any customer adds or updates new address type.
  • While creating new orders admin can manage residential or commercial addresses for the specific customers.
  • The admin can also change the destination type at their end.

How to Configure

  • It’s quite simple to configure this extension that includes following simple steps:
  • Go to System>Configuration> Biztech Extension> Address Indicator
  • Enabled – To activate this extension, select ‘yes’ for the ’enabled’ field.

This tool will not work on custom checkout extensions.

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