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How Extensions Can Increase Conversion Rate And Sales of Your Magento Store

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    Default How Extensions Can Increase Conversion Rate And Sales of Your Magento Store

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    Every eCommerce store owner wants to raise up sales. To do it you need to get traffic into your site by using SEO optimization, paid ads and marketing tricks. And even more important task for your business is to turn more visitors into customers — to increase conversion rate.

    To save your precious time we will give you some valuable advises how to do it without putting extra hard work and efforts. Yes, you can increase conversion rate and sales of your Magento store just by installing appropriate Magento extensions.

    Read more about Magento extensions that will increase conversion rate and sales of your eCommerce store.

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    Here are a few extension that can helps to increase sales by offering unique solution :
    Magento one step checkout extension :
    Magento Mega Menu extension:
    Magento product video extension:
    Magento advanced report extension :

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    Thanks for sharing! Here are some suggestions from me:
    Magento Full Page Cache increases pages load speed which is good for user experience and SEO.
    Magento Color Swatches Pro greatly improves presentation of configurable products.
    Magento Special Promotions Pro helps to create advanced cart price rules and launch promo campaigns to increase sales.
    Magento Free Gift adds a free product with particular purchase which increases customers' loyalty.
    Magento Custom Stock Status adds speaking labels to products: you can show how many items are in stock; highlight fast shipping options, etc.

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    Great post and great suggestions. I also have some suggestions. Have a look at these extensions too
    Daily Deals allows online store owners to create day to day deals for single or multiple products. This helps increase revenue and attract more customers.
    Advanced Free Promotional Gift With Every Purchase extension motivates customers to buy more from your store. Store owners can add free gifts with purchase.
    Universal Currency Support By PayPal converts the non supported PayPal currency into PayPal supported currency and then pays it through PayPal

    For more extensions you can visit us at

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    Great discussion started here. We are totally agreed that manual work takes a lot of time to achieve that target, but with the help of extensions we can easily complete the task and even get better results.

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    We highly recommend:

    1. Ves Form Builder: a powerful toolset for creating any magento custom forms

    2. Ves FAQ: This extension help you set up your own beautiful and informative FAQ page with ease!

    3. Ves Page Builder: Ves Page builder help you to build magento page fast and easy


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    There are so many different type of extension that really works to grow your business, now it depend on your needs which extension suits you best.

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    I introduce One Step Checkout extension from to help you to increase conversation rate and sales.

    Our extension support the useful tools in reducing number of abandoning customers and bring them back to buy products is Abandonment Cart.
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    Moreover, cross-selling and promotion have a great role of encouraging them to buy more on your store.
    - Cross-sell products.
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    Cross-selling is one of the special features which makes customer spend more money whenever they fall in love with other suggested products. These ones that come from other categories which are somehow related, will be shown at the bottom the checkout page.
    - Promotion display.
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    Checkout promo is a smart and intelligent marketing tool arms you encourage customer buy more with upsell advertisement promo on checkout process.

    It is more amazing when you experience its demo at

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    For Magento 2, shopping cart abandonment often happens in the checkout process becauses of a complicated checkout process. Therefore, Magento 2 One Step Checkout is considered the best way to reduce that rate and increase conversion rate effectively when this module simplify the checkout process into a more simple one:

    + Allow customers to checkout in one page only instead of going back and forth to complete information

    + Auto detect customer location, autosuggest and complete shipping address by Google API and Google Suggest

    + Auto update related information when there are any changes

    + Allow customers to select their delivery date and time for orders

    + Support multiple payment methods

    + Allow gift messages and newsletter subscriptions in the checkout page

    Check it out for FREE Installation - FREE 1-year Support and FREE Updates!

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    Hi guys,

    These extensions looks promising .I also have few suggestion as i have gone through some great sale booster extension for my magento store and few are used by my friends aswell.

    Abandoned Cart Email

    Reward Points

    Who Viewed This Also Viewed
    Gift Card
    Magento Out Of Stock Notification Extension
    Order Attributes Pro

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    How to Add Value to Your Magento Ecommerce Store?

    Ecommerce has matured rapidly in recent years. A report by Forbes has predicted that the e-commerce industry will exceed a $2 trillion haul in the year 2017. Additionally, according to the insights by Business Insider, 50% of online shoppers have made more than one purchase last year.

    These stats only lead to one fact: “Repeat buy-in and volume business are the benchmarks mid-size ecommerce owners must aim for.”

    A quote by Steve Jobs says “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology.”

    And as ruthless it may seem, but even the Amazon had to come up with innovations such as Alexa and Amazon offline store. Wonder why? Consumers get bored with the mundane. And, in the space of online merchandising, you must innovate.

    The question here is - Does your ecommerce store have extended functionalities that can turn your visitors into loyal customers? If not, you really need to start thinking about the ways to do it.

    Magento extensions, which have been underrated for long; have the potential to provide ecommerce store owners with control over several facets of their online store. This includes merchandising, product browsing, site management and other activities. Through this article, we will acquaint you with some Magento Extensions which will truly add value to your store. So fasten your seatbelts, and let’s dive in:

    Delivery Date Scheduler

    The quote “Better late than never” is nothing but a curse for today’s ecommerce scenario. In fact, it should be rephrased “If late, then never!” Online shoppers wait for their order delivery like one anticipates reunion with a long lost lover. And messages like “It will take 10-15 days for your order to be delivered.” sound no less than a horror story to them.

    To help customers get over this problem, you need to give them the control over deciding their order delivery dates.

    Delivery Date Scheduler is one such extension that takes speculation and uncertainty out of the order delivery process. Using this extension, you can display the available delivery dates to your customers. They can select the date most suitable to them, pay for the order and sign out. By doing so, you assure them of delivering their orders when they want and streamline your shipping process according to their requirements. Time to make your customers gleam, folks!

    Language Translator

    “Welcome to our e-store.” As obvious and familiar it may sound to you; it might chicken out your Russian audience. If you are an ecommerce business owner wanting to target Russian customers, you would want to say “Dobro pozhalovat' v nash elektronnyy magazin". This is just an example.

    But if you want to communicate everything about your business to your customers, you would need an extension that helps you to translate your website content seamlessly.

    Language Translator is truly a blessing if you want to go global with your ecommerce business. The extension helps you to translate your product details, their attributes and pages of your store in no time! You can search and translate strings of specific content, enable mass translations and make the translated content SEO friendly. For the ecommerce business owners wanting to connect with their customers and monetize through new markets, Language Translator is an ultimate solution.

    MageMob Admin

    Mcommerce is the new ecommerce. This statement is no longer confined to online shoppers. It also stands true for e-store owners willing to manage the backend of their store from their mobiles. For the ecommerce business owners who have a lot on their plate, having an extension that helps them streamline business processes makes a huge difference.

    If you do not want to miss on any orders and get an update of your store sales 24/7 you might want to consider investing in the plugin given below:

    Magento store owners can download MageMob Admin (Available in Android & iOS) and manage an array of activities from their mobile. They can manage orders, get customer details, check sales reports, get notifications of important events and edit store reviews. It also comes with a live synchronization feature which updates the changes made on your Magento store immediately on the app. Now you have a data-driven fact bank of your e-store in your pockets! What more could you ask for?

    Advance Shop by Brand

    New brands keep mushrooming every day and disappear in the oblivion even before you know! This means you need to make changes on the website based on your customers’ brand preferences.

    Brand conscious customers are very loyal to the brands they buy. And they don’t prefer to spend hours together on browsing different websites for the brand they are looking for. So you need to create a premium ecommerce experience and provide shoppers with information about their favorite brand at once and at the same place.

    The next extension in the line can help you do so.

    Magento based Advance Shop by Brand extension makes brand shopping easy for your customers. You just need to configure the extension and it enables you to filter products brandwise. It is also possible to add brand attributes to your products and display these products in the frontend with all the details. Brand shopping was never easier!

    Customer Feedback Pro

    “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” says a quote by Bill Gates. In today’s competitive market, it is important to make your customers feel special and help them out even if it doesn’t make sense. And getting customers to fill a feedback form is one of the best ways to do so.

    “I have reviews and testimonials on my website and my customers seem very happy!” you may say. But what about your customers’ future needs and preferences? You need a better way to know about them in detail.

    Magento Customer Feedback Pro provides a window to look into your customer preferences in detail and enables you to formulate better marketing strategies for the future. Admin can configure contact form with name, comment and reference details and display it on the page with desired fields. These forms have a recaptcha system which makes them highly secure.

    Remember, no feedback is too much! The more you get, the better it is.

    Advance Product Designer

    “Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, Doorbells and sleigh bells, And schnitzel with noodles, Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings, These are a few of my favorite things.” Remember this song from kindergarten? Well, those days aren’t far when customers will actually ask for things that are unique in every way.

    Keepsakes, handmade goodies and products with one’s name engraved on it. If you want to offer these personalized items to your customers, you must integrate a product personalization tool.

    Advance Product Designer comes with plenteous features that enable your customers to design on the product of their choice. Admin can set-up functionalities like curved Text, Text Shadows, Multiple Color for Texts, Text Outline and other effects to create designer text styles.

    Just integrate this easy to configure and code free tool with your store and let your customers design and flaunt their unique masterpieces.

    Whether you already have a Magento ecommerce store or are planning to have one, the above mentioned extensions will make a huge difference to your business. Also, these extensions can be modified based on your requirements. You can check out each of the above products in details here. Happy selling!

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    Your information is really helpful. Extensions can definitely play part in increase conversion rates of your store.
    I have found one informative post related extensions that are helpful to you for boost your customers engagement here: Boost Your Customer Engagement With These Magento 2 Extensions
    It will helps you too.

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