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Magento Mega Menu extension - $29 [ 41 % sale off ]

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    Default Magento Mega Menu extension - $29 [ 41 % sale off ]

    Magento Mega Menu extension

    Why to choose our Magento Mega Menu extension ?

    Top menu is one of the most essential parts of a website. It is expected to include all necessary information and navigate the users to major pages of the website, moreover, it can flexibly display all categories or whatever content on a mouse-over without going through cumbersome steps. With these principles in mind, the top menu must be optimized to allow both users and administrator who dont need to be developers themselves to manage effortlessly. According to sensible and specific analysis on the users experience of the two sides, administrator and user, we have built one best Magento extension to support the Top Menu which is called Magento Mega Menu extension

    Mega menu extension help to display categories and corresponding sub-categories in different columns which are classified clearly.
    Easily select Main category of menus item on a user-friendly interface
    Able to restrict sub-categories and level of category on one menu. Allow and disallow which category to display within the dropdown menu
    Able to add thumbnail image of each category to the dropdown menu
    Able to display whatever content format within the dropdown menu, such as video, flash, html
    Attached Editor makes it possible to process content with a peace of mind using available tools
    Allow to insert whatever widgets (similar to widget insertion of a CMS page)
    Broaden the option to add widget to select any products to insert into the dropdown menu
    Support dynamic URL usage in the Editor
    Allow to insert images into the dropdown menu
    Able to add, delete, edit, re-arrange the menus order without any difficulties
    Easy to manage and customize the dropdown menu
    Possible to add static content to display in line with the list of sub-menus (changeable position: above, below, left, right in accordance with the sub-menus)
    Manage the navigation of the menu flexibly
    Able to assign menus item to different stores
    Able to select time duration to display the menus item
    Able to add class to the menus item (supports developer to edit style of the menu)
    Plenty available themes to select (7 themes available, more updates to come)

    Sale off up to 41 % .Now only $ 29 click now :

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    Nice extensions!
    Magento mega menu is the great Magento extension, it allows both user and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information flexibility.

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