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How To Add Product From A Wishlist Successfully?

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    Default How To Add Product From A Wishlist Successfully?

    Have you ever encountered a problem with adding an item to shopping cart from an email yet? If the answer is Yes, then you could take some time to read this article for some efficient solutions to tackle the issue. Kick it off!

    The problem is mostly seen in Magento when a customer shares his wishlist to some of his friends via email. The customer himself will receive a copy of that email which lists product links, Add to cart and Add all items to shopping cart… Error found if the customer click Add to cart or All all items to shopping cart.

    Particularly, when you click Add to cart for each of every product in the list, a new tab in the browser is open linking to shopping cart page but you cannot add that product to your cart. Similarly, when you click Add all items to cart, a new page of 404 error is found.

    How to eliminate this kind of trouble instantly?

    What we do is to create a Wishlist module in namespat MGS to rewrite block and add controller.

    The structure of the module is written as follows:
    1 app/code/local/MGS/Wishlist/Block/Share/Email/Items.php
    2 app/code/local/MGS/Wishlist/ controllers/CartController.php
    3 app/code/local/MGS/Wishlist/ controllers/ SharedController.php
    4 app/code/local/MGS/Wishlist/ etc/config.xml
    5 app/etc/modules/ MGS_Wishlist.xml

    Then declare MGS_wishlist module in app/etc/modules/ MGS_Wishlist.xml like this:
    1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
    2 <config>
    3 <modules>
    4 <MGS_Wishlist>
    5 <active>true</active>
    6 <codePool>local</codePool>
    7 </MGS_Wishlist>
    8 </modules>
    9 </config>


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    thanx!!! it help


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