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Issue with Attributes

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    Unhappy Issue with Attributes


    First post - so please do move the post if its in the wrong section.

    I have been having some issues with attributes, let me explain.

    Here goes....

    I have around 100 products I have assigned each product with their correct attributes,

    For example on the navbar if you go

    Doors > internal Oak doors

    Then on the left hand side if you select Unglazed

    It shows a couple of doors that shouldnt be in there

    Cadiz Pre-Finished Internal Oak FD30 Fire Door


    Pamplona Pre-Finished Internal Oak FD30 Fire Door

    I have checked both of these products in the admin panel

    and both dont have the unglazed attribute selected

    very confused, if anyone could assist it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Issue with Attributes

    I tried to backup my store by going into the Admin section and Clicking on Data/Backup something seems to happen I get an animated circle, and then the screen goes blank. At first I thought it was my browser, but this happens on Firefox too.

    Could you please help?


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