Hi guys, please take a look at this FREE Magento Homepage Slideshow Extension

Magento Homepage Slideshow is perfect for sliding and fading images on your home page or other pages of your Magento website

A homepage slideshow often draws the highest attention of shoppers. Slideshows display one after another images, containing text and headings. Creating a homepage slideshow on your Magento store to impress visitors by your particular products, Cmsmart Team are very proud to provide you a robust, reliable and out of box Magento Homepage Slideshow, an innovative module beautifies your online shop.

All Features

-Smooth transition and animation effects
-Auto-play can be stopped upon user interaction
-Support multi-stores
-Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, ……
-Support all mobile devices and screen sizes
-100% open source code
-Full extension package
-Full user-guide document
-Easy installation and configuration
-Easy customization to your own website’s style
-Work well on all mobile Magento themes
-Add/ edit/ delete images of the slideshow.
-Easily select products for the slideshow
-Select static blocks in the list to show off the slideshow
-Select position options of text in the slideshow
-Select Yes/No to enable/ disable the slideshow
-Select Yes/No to show or hide texts on the image
-Assign Width and Height for the slideshow
-Select slideshow Transitions
-Select slideshow Animations
-Select slideshow Directions
-Options for slideshow performance


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