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Need magento hosting recommendations

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    Default Need magento hosting recommendations


    I prefer magento hosting because I am not a server admin. I do web development and am running some magento sites, a couple are resource intensive, but nothing too crazy. My biggest site gets about 35k page views a month and the other one I am worried about is a web app I am launching that will use a decent amount of database queries...but again...nothing really crazy.

    I have searched on google and found suit for my needs. Anybody have experience with this provider?


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    First of all, magento work best on Linux server. But asphostportal support well for asp. I don't think they will provide a good service for magento. As always I would recommend you use SiteGround Magento Hosting package what include everything from server to make magento work fast. Other than that, they own a very good magento support team who can help you about magento issues.


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