In this interview Ignacio talked in detail about his plans to organize more Magento related events in the coming months. Ignacio is very much optimistic about the release of Magento 2.0 the much-awaited version for ecommerce websites. He also shares his opinion about the problems being faced by Magento end users, the security of web stores, and hosting.

When Cloudways asked. "Cloudways offers 1-click Magento installation. With blazing fast speed and optimized Cloudways performance, you get a fabulous experience of hosting your Magento websites on Cloudways cloud platform. I would like you to check it yourself and share your opinion about the platform. What we can do to further improve the outlook and performance of the platform?"

Ignacio: I did not play with it before, but now I have to say that it is brilliant. It is so easy to set up a new Magento instance and work with it in less than 5 minutes.

The admin tool gives you the ability to configure and change settings 100% oriented to maintain your Magento project. 100% recommendable.

Our team is checking how to introduce Cloudways in our workflow for certain clients.

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