1. Related Products
Creating related products for your store can be a really tedious and time consuming process. If you're doing this manually - this can take hours, especially, if you have hundreds or even thousands of products.

This extension can help you create related products automatically.

2. Backup and Security
Backing up your data is crucial for your business. You might never need the backup files, but it's important to actually have them. You will regret missing your backups, as soon as something happens - hardware failure, connection disruption, software glitch, hack, etc.

This extension can help you automatically backup your website data, both locally and externally.

3. Backend Management and Automation
If you're experiencing problems with managing your drop-shipping suppliers, handling your multichannel business, integrating your store with your warehouse, then the only way to have this done is build an automatic system, which manages all of these processes.

Luckily, there is a solution, which can do all of this at once. Check out this extension.

You can find out more about their functionality and get more details in this post.

Good luck automating your eCommerce business!

P.S. Share your favorite automation extension for Magento.

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