Thomas Goletz is, perhaps, the most loved Magento individual in the world. He is also the man behind many successful projects in Asia and Europe. He also happens to be the (rather charming) face of Meet Magento, a popular Magento event that is hosted independently by merchants and developers.

In this interview, I have talked in detail about the Magento industry and its future. We also discussed Thomas’ journey in various technology oriented fields. I hope everyone will enjoy his honest feedback about the Magento industry.

Cloudways: Thomas, I am amazed to see that you have a vast experience in building technology companies. What was your motivation behind Interface, Lintec AG, iways, and Netsearch AG? Did you always love technology? Who was your biggest inspiration in the early days? Who do you think is the finest tech entrepreneur today?

Thomas: Technology has always been connected to the practical application of knowledge, so that something entirely new can be done—or at least in a completely new way. Under this meaning, many of the so-called technology companies are just companies without technology. There is no reason to call a company that optimizes an ordering process a technology company. But, this happens nowadays very often, especially in the internet business. Maybe, it makes such companies look a little bit more exciting.

My primary motivation behind all companies and ventures has not been technological. It is more about bringing something new and interesting to the customers. In Lintec or iways, we transferred existing concepts from one industry to another. It made our clients successful and it made us successful too.

And, this was the biggest inspiration for me in early days and it’s even there, today. I work with people to do my best to change the world and make it a better place. Whenever such a thing happens, it makes me happy.

There are no praiseworthy tech entrepreneurs today. They simply don’t exist. There are maybe some people who are making and using new tools for their business. I don’t know them all. As always, people make the difference. Sitting in Silicon Valley or managing VC money does not make you a tech entrepreneur.

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