I am about to leave CA, as outsourcing work is very hard to do, or too expensive as channel advisor is so complex, and there are no affordable developers. I really want to out source my business such as ebay listing creation, website maintenance, improve website functionality, improve ebay templates etc etc.

All I hear is good things about magento, and I am wondering why I am with CA?

With CA I am constantly hitting brick walls, I find there system is overly complex and frustrating. As well as there very expensive charges, I think I might be better investing the 1000 a month outsourcing with magento.

Does anyone have experience moving from CA to magento. Does magento have similar functionality as CA. I understand that it will be a new learning curve. I am very nervous of the transition as I have used CA for many years.

I would very much appreciate any advise on this, thank you Steve

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