With more than eight years of experience in web development and API design implementation, Ryan Street is one of the most respected individuals in the Magento industry. Currently, he is working at Magento as the official trainer, which in itself is a testimony to his dedication, skills, and endeavors.

Yesterday, Cloudways interviewed Official Magento Trainer and amazing Magento certified developer Ryan Street.

In this interview Ryan shares his candid opinions about the flexibility of Magento as a development framework, customer satisfaction, and much more.

Interview Highlight: Cloudways: Magento websites are vulnerable to security threats such as content duplication, identity theft, credit card hacks, etc. How would you go about to tackle security problems facing your Magento websites?

Ryan Street: The most important approach to security in my opinion isnt necessarily one solution. It is multiple layers of security that compound security overall. IpTables isnt enough. You need firewall protection. Secure administrator passwords arent enough. You need to control what each user can access. You get the idea. This way, whenever a threat tries to break one layer of security, they have many more layers they need to crack in order to perform any malicious actions.

There is one pet peeve I do have when it comes to security. It is when people dont take security seriously. You can see these people in every workplace. They are the ones with passwords written on Post-It Notes on their monitors. They are the ones with passwords.txt on their desktop. They are the ones who leave their computers unlocked when they leave for the night. They are the ones who email someone their password.

You can only do so much. If your password is so easily accessible by others, there isnt much you can do. Thats what makes security so hard.

Read Complete Interview Here: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/interview-ryan-street/

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