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[Must-have] Magento Shipping Table Rate Extension

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    Red face [Must-have] Magento Shipping Table Rate Extension

    Hi, today CMSmart proudly presents one of our popular extensions:

    Magento Shipping Table Rate Extension

    Magento Shipping Rates Table extension calculates the final price of a product based on shipping rates predefined in backend, displaying rates on the shopping cart page as well as the checkout page.


    Magento Shipping Rates Table extension calculates the final price of a product based on shipping rates predefined in admin panel. Creating rates for various shipping methods combining the base price and the difference of percentages to output an estimation of the shipping method on the checkout page, that's what Magento Shipping Rates extension does

    When the extension is installed and enabled in the backend. With every purchase of selected products, based on administrator settings on customers' choices of delivery, the fee will be displayed by clicking "Estimate” in the Shipping Methods area on shopping cart page.

    Enable Shipping Table Rates Extension. Choosing a shipping method and overal advanced options before configuring in details

    Choosing condition and handling fee of the shipping method, you may include virtual products

    Create Shipping Method for your store and more.

    Export code and then import CVS to create rates for shipping methods

    How you export countries, regions & states codes


    Hot features:
    • Depending on the region of the country, combined with the address, weight, price and number of items, the extension accurately calculates the final price of the product
    • Calculate the final price after applying a discount
    • Calculate the final price after involving the product's tax
    • Support Unlimited shipping methods
    • Customize rates for each product or a group of products
    • Apply rates based on each kind of product
    • Calculate base price plus the custom rate
    • Edit a shipping rate manually
    • Support functionalities of Magento discount or free shipping
    • Export CVS
    • Export Shipping Type Code
    • Export State Code
    • Export Country Code
    • Delete Existing Rates: Yes/No
    • CVS file: link to CVS file to import database

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    You also can see Shipping Rate per Product that also helps to calculate shipping cost based on rate

    - Set up shipping rates for each products and based on purchased quantity
    - Adjust shipping rate for a product or the whole order
    - Set up shipping rates for customer groups or store views

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    For Shipping Rates, Below are the two Magento Extension where you can easily set shipping handling charges, flat rate, etc on your own to help customers with enhanced buying experience!

    1. Australia Post Shipping
    2. StarTrack Shipping

    Australia Post Shipping Extension is also available for Magento 2!

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    Cool! Thanks for sharing!


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