In Magento, the currency switcher that lets you change currencies creates 302 (temporary) redirects. Is there a way to make these 301 instead?

I have a ton of 302 redirects showing up in SEO reports and most look like:


Is there an easy way to tell Magento to make these types of urls 301's? I have tried to go into Rewrite Manager and create a new custom redirect from "directory/currency/switch/currency/CAD/uenc/aHR0cDovL3d3dy5kaXBsb21hY29tcGFueS5jb20vZmFrZS1kaX Bsb21hLWFjY2Vzc29yaWVz/" to http://www.example.tld/directory/cur...jY2Vzc29yaWVz/ as a 301 for instance, but it's created a LOOP because the redirect already exists. Is there code or some place where I can see those redirects and mark them as 301 instead of 302?

Thank you!

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