If you are a Manager of Large Stores with Big Catalogs or multilanguage stores or Multivendor stores, you want to assign permissions to each sub-admin to managing. Is it possible? With our Magento Extended Permissions in Back-end, you totally can do it. You can assign permissions to admin panel users for editing products, managing product categories, managing orders, customers, design and configurations within specific catalogs, store views for each language. The information on the back-end panel is shown in accordance with user’s roles and permissions.
Magento extended permisions
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Why choose this Magento Permisions extension:
- If you have many users in back-end panel, you can manage all. This extension can help you.
- Provide access to separate categories of website or store-view: users see all categories or only in certain ones, allow/deny to delete categories.
- Set ability to create new products and kind of products they can create: Simple product, Group Product, Configurable Product or virtual Product. Ability to update or edit products.
- Store view sort by languages or locations or catogeries.
- Allow to assign permissions to check order, report or not.
DEMO Magento Extended Permissions Manage: Here

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