Recently Cloudways interviewed amazing senior Magento Developer "Christian Kern". He has 17 years of experience in web development field and 5 years of experience in Magento Development. Currently, Christian works in Gorilla Group; a big name in the Magento industry.

In this interview Christian talk about vulnerability and security threats for Magento websites . When Cloudways asked "Magento websites are vulnerable to security threats such credit card misuse, identity theft, content duplication etc. What steps should online store owners take to combat such threats?"

Christian Said

"Just like any ecommerce application that collects credit card information, it is important to ensure that PCI-DSS principles are being met and that tokenized payment methods are being used.
Some basic guidelines to ensure security are:

  • make sure that server software is up to date

  • limit access to the code base to a minimum

  • limit the modules used to a minimum (each new module can be a potential new attack vector)

  • keep your modules up to date

  • use secure protocols wherever and whenever possible

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