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I've been twiddling my thumbs, thinking, and trying different things, to no avail! I need your help. This is my first site on Magento, which IMHO is a beast, that I'll one day tame. I run a few static sites and one site on Volusion, but I wanted this site to be on Magento. I've gone through the LevelUp Tuts tutorials in preparation for this site.


I'm building a tennis store. I have 'racquets' that need a user controlled option of what 'grip size' they'd like (different inventory levels for different grip sizes). On top of that, once the 'grip size' is chosen, they then have the option of what 'string' to put in the 'racquet'. I do sell 'string' also. In regards to stringing the racquet, they have the options to choose: No Strings, Same strings on Main and Cross, or One string on main, One String on cross (That's a Hybrid build). Mains run up and down, Crosses run side to side. Also, Each stringing option if chosen, needs a 'tension' set to it (tension being the tightness of the string in poundage). Each stringing option has a cost associated with it.

Some sample sites that can show you what a tennis racquet checkout should consist of:

Click on Order to go to the string page there:

Visible on this page:

This tennis site, I know, was built with Magento:

I think that about covers it. Phew! I really need some help on this problem, if anyone is willing to help me out or point me in the direction of an extension (preferably not too expensive). Also optional and up for negotiation, If this can be done using stock Magento, I'm willing to employ someone so that I may watch them set this up, so I know the solution. I am also available to chat over Skype, Hangouts, Phone, etc.

Thank you so much,
Look forward to hearing from anyone.

BTW, I think I like this forum! A lot of valuable material.

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