Online stores are very much concerned about their emails being received by users in their Spam folders. The situation becomes deteriorating when transactional emails land inside Spam. This may cause the customers to think about the security concerns while opening such emails.

Why emails reach the spam folder even if they contain serious messages? The issue is being discussed at many Magento related forums. In this blog post, I will elaborate about how spam filters work and what are 4 effective steps to tackle this issue.

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How Spam Filters Work

If spam filters are enabled on a Magento web store, the incoming emails are filtered on the basis of certain predefined parameters. Each filtering parameter influences the rating positively or negatively and the final score determines whether the email is spammy or not. SpamAssassin, the most popular email filtering computer program, recommends 6.6 as average rating on its system. This means lower scoring emails will pass through the spamming filter successfully, while the higher scoring ones will get filtered.

In the following lines, I will highlight the steps that can help you reduce the chance of email getting labeled as “Spam”.

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