Hello All,

first post, and firstly apologies if this has been covered. I have tried searching for it but haven't pulled up anything that answers the question.

1. When a customer comes to a magento based e-commerce store, and they register/create an account, is there anyway of approving the account on the back end before it gets created and before they can purchase anything? By approve I mean it sits there until I log in as an admin and either press approve or deny. Or something to that affect.

2. Can the pricing for the products be hidden? You can only see the pricing if you are logged in? (and as above you can only log in once your account has been approved)

3. Once you have created a shopping basket, you can go through the checkout and complete (semi-complete) the order without paying for it. The admin then has to go into the back end and approve the order after which the user is prompted to log back in and pay for the order. Once this has been completed the order is complete and gets listed as usual on the magento back end.

I know this all seems very counter intuitive to the user experience on the site but I have my reasons for it being so.

If this has been answered then a link to the right thread will be much appreciated.

Thanks all!!

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