Cloudways is renowned to provide the most convenient cloud hosting platform. Since our early days, Cloudways has continued to win unmatched trust from its valued clients.

We are on a mission here: Make lives of our clients easier. That’s what the company is known for convenient cloud hosting service.

This time around, we have something really special for the developers. Developers rejoice! Cloudways has inducted New Relic, the world’s most powerful application performance management system, within its already feature-rich Cloud Hosting Platform.

What’s New Relic Application Performance Monitoring?

New Relic is currently used 2.2% of websites available. Its market share is steadily, but surely growing with each passing day. It is trusted by famous web projects, like Zendesk, rdio, Airbnb, and Groupon. Not convinced, yet? Well, it is also used by Microsoft, Fox, AT&T, and Best Buy.

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