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What makes a great eCommerce platform?

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    Default What makes a great eCommerce platform?

    what makes a great ecommerce platform
    So you want to set up an online ecommerce store. The first thing you will probably do is search Google and try to compare all of the hundreds of open source ecommerce platforms out there.

    Well, first, just relax and let me tell you what to look for before you get completely overwhelmed. There are certain qualities you should look for to make your online life a lot easier. These qualities are what makes a great ecommerce platform:

    1- You Get What You Pay For A lot of companies advertise that their software is the best one you can get at the lowest price. But remember you get what you pay for. Youre setting up an ecommerce store to support you financially for life. Are you going to skimp now just to save a few pennies? NO. With cheap software comes low functionality. You customers will not stay customers if they have any trouble trying to shop in your store. Youll be out of business within months if not weeks. Bad news travels fast. You want to get as many functions for your dollar as you can. Skimp on this now and youll pay the price later.

    2- Are You Flexible? You need to make sure the ecommerce solution you choose is flexible enough that you can make changes to it whenever you need to. Some software is coded so tightly that its impossible to make any changes. You want to be able to add and subtract functions as you see fit. And you want to be able to add more functionality as you continue to grow and as new functions are introduced. You want to keep your store up-to-date so your customers will feel comfortable.

    3- How Reliable Is It? Since youll be running your business for many years, or even selling it later at a profit, you need to be sure it will remain reliable for many years. If your platform breaks down in a couple of years and you have to go about changing to a different platform, thats going to cost you tons of money and many lost customers.

    4- Is It Safe? With so many hackers breaking into so many online databases these days, you want to be sure your platform is safe from potential threats. And you have to be sure you can update your software easily whenever a new safety update is published. If your software company goes out of business in a couple of years, youre out in the open in a vulnerable position.

    I know; this sounds daunting, doesnt it. Well, Ive gone through all of this for you and selected the very best ecommerce platform, hands down: Magento!

    Magento is the hottest open source ecommerce platform out there. More companies, both large and small, chose Magento for a reason it is simply the best. Its affordable, extremely flexible, the most reliable, and its constantly updated for safety.

    CMSmart has a team of designers that are constantly coming up with new Magento themes and Magento extensions. And these themes can be customized and updated. You can always give your store a new look at any time without disrupting your customer flow. And that is most important. Keeping your customers coming back again and again.

    Go to CMSmart now at and look over the many themes and designs that are available so you can get your online store started today!

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    Features depends upon your online store size and other factors such as baskets for shopping, paypal or EPOS integration.

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    Nice article,Thanks to share very useful.

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    Magento is undoubtedly the most popular open source ecommerce platform on the market. But there are good points and bad points about Magento, as there is in just about everything. It has all you need for customization and growth.

    Sell unlimited number of products on their store.

    Magento Community doesn’t have any limitation to having number of admin accounts.

    Multi-Store Management.

    Multiple Language Support.

    Highly Customizable.

    Utmost Flexibility.

    Innumerable Extensions.

    No Downtime Issues.

    SEO & Marketing Features


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