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Which social media buttons should you add on your site?

In today’s online era web traffic is a word that is heard everywhere and to achieve it, web owner would try each and every possible technique to push their website to a better level. In order to achieve the desired web traffic the easiest and most effective solution today is the use of all available major social networking websites.When considering which social media button to add to your web store or even blog, your immediate reaction might be “off course all of them” seems like more buttons, more exposure?But not necessarily as having dozens of social sharing signs would make the webpage look more clustered, it can be visually overwhelming to your readers and visitors but too many options could scare away or even distract social users. So how would you decide which social button to add?

First of all you would need to ask yourself few questions: -

Which social platform in particular generates the most web traffic/sales?

Just like everything else in the online business, you would be required to measure your social efforts. Starting from looking at your online store or blog’s analytics, you must be able to judge what platforms in particular are the most profitable for you by analyzing the traffic generated from each platform. Also make sure to take into account the time spend on site, pageviews and obviously conversions provided you have conversion funnels already set up in your analytics.

It’s just equally beneficial as knowing the available social platforms that work best then knowing what platforms don’t work which is the key to choosing the right social buttons. Always focus your users attention on the sharing of key networks by removing the option to share on networks that won’t generate value for you.

Who is your customer?

Understanding what works is an important element but not the whole picture. You might just be getting started and as of now do not have the history to work off or you already know the area of studies and research that one social network is working on for your industry, but you haven’t seen the benefits pouring in yet. Just as important as measuring the existing social efforts, is knowing the platforms-who utilizes them and in what way.

For instance: - if you are involved in selling fashion, you shouldn’t ignore the value of PININTEREST (even if you’ve never seen pininterest traffic yet, there is huge potential). If you write tons and tons of unmatched contents on your company’s blog, never ignore another valuable social media named TWITTER- it’s like an information sharing machine. Once you understand every platform and its importance, who uses it and how they use it, you’ll start to see the networks that are positive for your company.

Where exactly am I?

Ensure that the buttons you would be choosing are networks that your company can connect them on. But do not ignore a social network that meets the other two mentioned criteria’s just because you are not an active user over there. After measuring all your efforts and researching different platforms one thing you need to consider is accelerating up your engagement on the social networks that rose to the crown.

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