Cloudways takes pride in highlighting the contributions of the mavens of Magento community. We have been able to interview people, like Matthias Zeis, Anna Vlkl, Fabian Blechschmidt, and many others.

Following this practice, today, we are proud to have Tom Robertshaw on board with us. He is one of the finest Magento developers in Europe. Tom is the Managing Director of Meanbee, an ecommerce agency that specializes in the development and design of complex Magento enterprise stores.

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Highlights of the interview:

Cloudways: For the past five years, you have been successfully managing MeanBee Limited. What this company is all about? What made you fall in love with Magento? Tell our readers about some of the challenges you faced during your initial days?

Tom: Meanbee is about tackling the complex problems in web development that ecommerce websites present. Nick Jones, the technical director, and I started the company while at University of Bath studying Computer Science. We stumbled upon Magento while it was in beta phase and knew it was something that we wanted to get on board with. We released some extensions and started building sites upon the platform. Those early days were tough when there was no documentation! The only way to solve problems was old-fashioned, i.e. reading the source-code.

Being around when Magento was in its infancy means that we were being challenged by upgrades where a lot was changing. Nowadays its a lot simpler and generally we only need to worry about the third party extensions that are installed.

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