The cornerstones of a successful online business lies in careful, in-depth data analysis and strategic planning.

Unfortunately these aspects are often ignored by online store owners because of 2 commonplace reasons: lack of time and the complexity of data analysis.

Luckily, there is a tool that can quickly deliver accurate analytical data, fully automate the process and provide competent projections for the future.

SavvyCube – The first ecommerce analytics software developed for small business

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This is a short glimpse on what the software is capable of:

1. pull data directly from the original sources (Google Analytics, PayPal and Magento) and combine it all a professional sales report
2. deliver the list of referrals/channels that are best/worst in contributing conversions for certain products, customers/groups of customers
3. deliver accurate data on all eCommerce metrics: store revenue, Net Profit, refunds, shipping expenses, taxes
3. run miscellaneous analysis of customers’ behavior

Check the in-depths review of SavvyCube Magento Analytics here

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