My website, www.multimediaaccessoires.nl, worked perfect. Latest I Installed Koongo Connector, data feed extension. I checked to see if my environment visited their requirements. After checking, one of the recommendation was to truncate the ‘core_url_rewrite’ table. After doing that and re-indexing the table became very small from about 220000 records to 21000 records. At this time you expect that your front page loading become faster, but wrong. Before truncating the table, the loading time of the page was about 2-3 seconds, but now it is more than a minute. The backend works good. The problem is happening only on the category level. Product pages are loading fast and there is no problem.

Almost all the images are optimized, compiler is active, htaccess is ok, css an java script is merged an minified. If I test the website via some tools to see the speed en performance, it gets a score of 83 – 85, which is good.

One thing I noticed is:
When I empty the ‘core_url_rewrite’ table, then the problem is solved, but the url is not search engine friendly.

Also I noticed:
I click on a category which takes about a minute to be loaded. The next time I click then it loads faster. But after an hour it is the same story.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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