Magento mobile sales Tracking Pro is the best Magento extension, you can directly get access to your real-time sales data, such as today’s sales, today’s orders, and bestsellers in a clear sight of detailed reports from any mobile devices you want at anytime. Just tap and all necessary detailed & latest reports are at your fingertips!

Great features of Magento Mobile Sales Tracking Pro:
- Integrated with mobile layouts such as smartphone, tablet. It allows check order everywhere.
- Provide sales statistics quickly, whenever you want, the latest report on data like today's sales, today's orders, bestselling products will appear at your fingertips. Save much time.
- You can own a report on orders including total sales and order details in a specific period of time whenever you have time.
- Show a list of your customers and all information about them. You enable to access customer’s details, contact instantly by clicking on the “phone” or “email” icon.
- Ensure data security and quick & direct access to sales reports no third party involvement.
This is a wonderful Magento extension, for full features, click: DEMO
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