Magesolution proudly presents Magento Frontend Builder Panel . It is a front-end Magento pages builder. It allows you to build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS page, Shopping cart page... at frontend visually without having to log in the admin back-end.

Visually & Friendly: You can see directly which you want to build and change
Build Web pages by yourself: You can build or configure the pages on your own basing on available layouts and 15+ available components.
Drag & Drop: Simple for you to drag & drop the blocks on the page
Grid configuration: It allows you to setup width of blocks with Grid Bootstrap layout (12 columns)
Editable CMS content: You can edit/update any content blocks directly at front-end effectively.
Website configuration: It’s easy for you to setup all features for your website such as layouts, background, colors, fonts, extensions, catalog… at Frontend
Enable/disable Inline translation: Flexible and convenient to directly translate the site content into target languages at frontend.
Time saving: Forget about complicating and cumbersome steps to setup a website and login admin panel every time you want to update the pages. With our Frontend builder, you are totally confident to visualize what you dream.
and much more…




Frontend Panel

Theme setting at frontend

Change all setting of the theme at frontend such as Layout (boxed or wide), layout style, preloader, background, colors, fonts, extensions, catalog….
Page Setting

Change page layout (1 column, 2 columns left, 2 columns right, 3 columns), change setting for category, product page
SEO setting

Change page title, meta keyword, meta description for pages
Custom left column, right column blocks

Ability to add or remove block from left and right column, supports all default block of Magento
Ability to use different left and right column for each category, each product or each page.
Drag and Drop to sort blocks on left and right columns
Multiple headers and footers

Have multiple header and footer to choose, ability to choose header and footer
Ability to upload logo on the header and footer
Category Page

Ability to list subcategories on category page, you can show landing category page with list of subcategories or both subcategories and product list or product list only.
Change category image, category description visually
Product Page

Custom product page view
Ability to add or remove product tabs
Show or hide content on product page (Add to compare link, Add to wish list link, Short description, Up-sell prodct, Review…)
Static block and page

Edit any static block and page content directly at frontend.
Contact Us

Ability to change map settings
Ability to change contact info

Choose layout of blog page
Change settings of blog

Ability to switch between default checkout and one step checkout
Change settings of one step checkout at frontend
FAQs Page

Capability to change settings of FAQs page
Translate Inline

Enable translate inline directly at frontend
Home Page Builder – Build Homepage Layouts by Yourself

Ability to use home page CMS or use builder to build a custom home page.

Multiple home page layouts

Contain 8 popular home page layouts to choose, and you can add as many different block types as possible to the home page, so it renders unlimited styles for the home page layout
You can add, remove, edit, change column of block
Drag and drop to sort block on each section
Change appear animation for each block
Custom block title, class…
Change settings for the section, add background, padding top, padding bottom, choose parallax section, custom class
Multiple block types can be added on home page (14 blocks)

Static Block
Revolution Slider
New products
Featured Products
Best selling Products
Featured Brands
Daily Deals
Product Tabs
Promo Banner
Latest Posts
Category Navigation
Category Product

Passion – Ultimate Magento theme

is designed & developed based on MGS Front-End Builder and a lot of other useful Magento extensions, furthermore it is also designed with multi concepts to bring multipurpose websites for client selection

Passion Theme Features List:

Multi-purpose themes: Classic theme, fashion theme, foods theme and much more…
Ultimate homepage layout options for each theme
Multi extensions are integrated from : Mega menu, One step checkout, Advanced report, Product question, Ajax Cart, Quick view, Daily deals, Testimonial, Promo Banner!
Support Layout in wide, boxed
Support Layout styles (light and dark)
Support multi headers & footers for each theme
Enable/disable Inline translation
Slider Revolution & Powerful Admin Back-End Very easy for you to configure all elements of the sliders in Admin Back-End. (Special thanks to ArexMagefor a wonderful extension)
Sticky menu
Back to top button
Multiple Preloading effect options
Customizable block appear animation
Right to left view
Customizable background color and image, pattern
Multiple colors
Multiple Google fonts
Different product image ratios
Price slider
Ajax load JS (to view more products)
Twitter feed
Brand slider
Custom product tabs
Up-sell slider
Support SEO
Google Rich Snippets
Cross browsers and all platforms & devices compatible

Please visit Passion – Ultimate Magento Theme at Magesolution store or Themeforest

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