Typically, online merchants focus on building a show-stopping homepage and perfect product pages, stuffing them with eye-candy images, exquisite seductive product descriptions and clear CTAs.

Category pages are often considered as a fleeting stop and are given less attention by the store owners. And in vain.

Category pages motivate users to drill down through this or that product, focus their attention, answer various questions and make shopping simple and quick.

Here’s what you need to do to make Category Pages sell:


Websites with a lot of back and forth visits from the category page to a product page in 89% of cases are less likely to convert.

Enhance user experience and save time of your potential customers with a Quick View function and increase the likelihood your would-be customers will return and buy the items on your store with the Save for Later feature.


Give customers all the details they need quicker than if they clicked a link:
enlarge and show the back of your products
show the total look with the item
allow to switch thumbnail colors

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