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Free Flash Fashion FlipBook

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    Default Free Flash Fashion FlipBook

    A very good Flash Fashion FlipBook on activeden, now it 's totally free on activeden this month



    1. professional design
    2. deep linking ( also works with several books )
    3. multibook – you can add a few books
    4. chapters – you can add an unlimited number of chapters
    5. reverse flip book for the eastern countries (right to left)
    6. two systems of loading pages. The first (old) system loads all the pages. The new system loads only 4 pages to the front and back 4 pages. This is useful when there is a lot of pages and amount of RAM. It also increases the liquidity. More in the “help / book.pdf” and the title “Two Methods of loading pages.”
    7. you can disable the redirection of the logo
    8. improved ZOOM (with double click), now see the point in which press
    9. double-clicking the zoomIn Or zoomOut
    10. changing single click on the corner of the page (now you can perform a drag sheet)
    11. now you can set an individual thumb for each pages (in list pages)
    12. you can make a redirect for a page in the xml file
    13. you can add sound to the sheet (optional xml file)
    14. in the browser title bar shows the number page
    15. single-clicking on the corner to rotate the page (optional in xml file)
    16. you can enabled glow for a book (optional in xml file)
    17. selection screen before loading the book (normal screen / full screen) – optional
    18. you can disable / enable deep linking (swfAddress) in a xml file
    19. you can choose to default the first page (when turned off deep linking)
    20. corrected bug events onStartAnimationSheet and events onStopAnimationSheet in swf file
    21. double-clicking on the page show next page
    22. you can change the speed of sheet in xml file
    23. lightbox (photos + video)
    24. you can disable dragging the sheet with the mouse
    25. fast loading ( first loads the current page )
    26. smoothing for background
    27. you can change page book size in xml file
    28. you can add big photographs of two pages (no need to crop)
    29. you can add unlimited pages in xml file
    30. player mp3
    31. you can mute mp3 player for the page
    32. you can add unlimited mp3
    33. nice animation icons,
    34. you can disable / enable the numbers pages of globally or locally
    35. smoothing for pages ( locally or globally)
    36. you can load jpg,png and swf file
    37. auto scale to the size of the browser
    38. contact form with PHP
    39. view all pages ( automatic generate thumbs)
    40. download zip
    41. printing pages
    42. zoom book ( zoom in, zoom out, zoom 1:1 ,zoom optimal)
    43. logo and logo redirect
    44. full screen button
    45. you can turn off the shadows of the middle for big image
    46. four corners enabled
    47. keyboard support ( next and prev page )
    48. nice shadows

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    oh, really helpful, I would like to thank you

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    You can also check out this Flipping Book extension for Magento
    Here are some of its features

    - Display a book as a thumbnail or link
    - Create your own page style
    - Built in WYSIWYG editor
    - Video and PDF support
    - Multiload feature

    Name:  magento-digital-magazine.png
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Size:  544.8 KB

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    What will you think of once you see purple, Fashion or classical? Maybe different purple will bring different kinds of feeling for you. Here Purple Style for Flash Flipbook Template will show you there purple topic templates which can be used in flash flip book designing. When you convert PDF to flash page flip book, you can import it and use it as eBook theme. You will get inspiration for designing and create more fantastic eBooks with page turning effects.

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