I created a newsletter and can't get it to display like i want. I created a new page in the admin section called 'email-newsletter1' and want to include ALL of the contents of that page in my newsletter. So i want my newsletter to look exactly like this page - http://crossstitchingart.com/email-n...1/?___store=en.

I tried to just 'include' the page in the template but can't seem to find the right coding to do it. The closest i got was to insert a widget to the page so the newsletter only has a link to the page NOT the entire page. Here is what the preview of that newsletter looks like:


Follow this link to unsubscribe

http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com - not the real link...

NOT what i want. I want the contents of email-newsletter1 to show in the email.

I also thought that maybe there was another way to do it. somehow pull in the website template into the newsletter template and then add the TABLE coding for the PAGE i created.

as you can see i'm not a Magento expert and need direction here.

Thank you.

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