ModulesGarden Base For Magento is a free supplement to each of ModulesGarden extensions and themes for Magento. It will allow you to view the list of your currently installed extensions as well as look over other ModulesGarden products that may prove useful for your Magento. In addition, you will get the possibility to check the extent to which your system is customized!

That is not everything! ModulesGarden Base For Magento will always keep you up to date with latest releases and promotions, thanks to configurable notifications and ModulesGarden twitter preview.

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  • View The List Of Installed Extensions And Themes
  • Access Quick Links To Wiki & Changelogs Of Extensions And Themes
  • Access ModulesGarden Store For Magento
  • View ModulesGarden Tweets Concerning Magento
  • Receive Notifications Associated With Extensions And Themes
  • View Customization Ratio Of Your Magento

General Info:

  • Integrated With ModulesGarden Themes
  • ModulesGarden Extensions Styles Collection
  • Supports PHP Up To 5.6
  • Supports Magento Up To

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