You can now flash important notifications and campaigns on your Megento e-store effectively by displaying it on the top, bottom and in the form of pop up on each page of your website.

Simple and easy way to inform your customers about something specific you want to convey! It is equipped with multiple features to have easy control on it!

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Core Features

Easy to Configure
It is very simple and easy to configure with your e-store. Few simple steps and you are done!

Style Notification Bar
This feature allows you to style the notification bar in sync with the overall theme of your site!

Multiple Content Type
In the notification bar you can notify the announcement in multiple content types like in plain text, HTML or template tags

Option to Stop
It can be stopped/closed by the visitors by hitting “X” button displayed in the notification bar

Setting Start and Stop Day
You can set in advance the start and stop day for any specific message that you wish to display in future! On the defined day the given message would automatically start displaying on the site till the predefined stop date!

Freeze Notification Bar
You can freeze your notification at the top, bottom or pop up option (any one place) in the pages using this feature so that it can be visible even the page is scrolled down.

With the above mentioned features, Magento Notification Bar Extension can help you stay connected with your customers and visitors! It allows you interact with them by exhibiting your announcements and messages crucial to them and you both!

Just a new instant messaging system meant for store owners like you!

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