Quite often customers catch themselves thinking:

“Can I trust this store?”
“Is there a chance my credit card will get overcharged?”
“What if I won’t get the product that I’ve actually ordered?”

How to evoke trust and make customers feel safe while shopping? Here are 5 credibility boosters that work best in the today's eCommerce environment.

1. Professional-looking and user-friendly design.

We judge a book by its cover -the same rule works here. The more visually appealing, clean and clear your site is - the more effective you can subconscious communicate with your customers.

2. Testimonials to your success.
When it comes to buying decisions, testimonials can become the deciding factor. Make sure that your product pages contain fare feedback.

3. Openness and 24/7 support.
General marketing messages, anonymity and customer support via email -all this makes ecommerce impersonal. Ensure your store is real with the real staff: add your location and contact info, live chat, meet the team and about us page.

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