Hey guys,

Have you heard about the most feature-rich Magento Analytics from SavvyCube?

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Briefly, here's how it works:

SavvyCube lets you easily connect all your data from Magento, Google Analytics and PayPal (no technical knowledge is required), loads your data into a secure cloud and creates your own data warehouse.

SavvyCube's Analytics shows all the key metrics such as revenue, refunds, conversion rate, profit and compares all this data to the previous performance of your business.

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Besides, you can track how your metrics evolve over time, compare metrics trends with each other, see what products sell best or which customers are the most paying and much more...

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So here's the deal. If you want to uncover all the hidden secrets of your data, see where you could make improvements and take full control over your key metrics - SavvyCube Magento Analytics is all you need.

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