Is it difficult for your customers to track shipment and payment status when they make order on your magento store?
the answer is always “Yes”
Thus, inherited by the state-of-the-art technologies we designed and developed Track orders extension
Magento Track orders allow Customers to track the shipment, payment status and all order information without logging into Magento store

Benefits when using Magento Track order

Customers only use order ID and email address to track information without logging in to Magento store
Allow customers to see full report of the shipment & order status and customer information, too
Show shipping information in Iframe
Allow admin to customize order status label
Ability for admin to select to load order information with Ajax or not
Ability to show order status in a status bar
It’s compatible with the most popular mobile operating systems for smart phones
Allow to add tracking link to top link

Some other features

HTML/CSS validation
Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use
Friendly and flexible configuration
Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
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