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Make Magento cart faster and time-costly for the customers with Magento Ajax cart

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    Default Make Magento cart faster and time-costly for the customers with Magento Ajax cart

    Your customer can easily add or remove items from cart without page reload or click '' update '' button.
    From this, Magento Ajax cart will make shopping cart faster and more convenient.
    It allows customer to continue shopping without interrupting the shopping process. Make sure your cart is user-friendly!
    Morever, it is an effective solution to raise your customer’s loyalty to your products.

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    When customers click “Add to cart” button on any pages (Homepage, Categories, Product details, Wishlist, Compare, Shopping cart…..), it will show an Ajax pop-up window with selected product(s) dialog and call-for-action buttons to Continue shopping or Go to checkout page.

    The ajax cart is a state-of-the-art improvement for your existing Magento website whatever it is selling or providing. Compared to a default Magento store when customer clicks on Add to cart button on any pages it will go to product details page then customer will add product to cart. However, with Ajax Cart Extension customer can add products to cart instantly without going to product details page.

    In case the product is a configurable one with different options, when customers add this kind of product to cart, Ajax Pop-up window will display the product information and relevant product options. Therefore, customers can select appropriate options right away for the product and then continue shopping or go to checkout page.

    On the Ajax pop-up, if customers click on “Continue shopping” button the page will not reload and customers can check and add other products to cart easily right on the page. If customers click on “Go to Cart page” button, it will move to shopping cart page where customers can complete their order.

    One more flawless feature born with Magento Ajax Cart is that it allows you to display (or Not display) related products whether they are up-sells or cross-sells seamlessly on the Ajax cart pop-up window together with selected items log. Although the presence of related products is probably humble, it is an effective solution to raise your customer’s loyalty to your products (as they will not find any further elsewhere for other items to complete the look), as a result, it is steadily increasing your profit.

    After product is added to cart, My cart (top link) and Mini Cart (sidebar) will be updated automatically. Moreover, on the mini cart window, customers can remove items without page reloading.

    Admin can configure to :

    Enable/Disable Magento Ajax Cart module
    Display or not display product summary information for products just added
    Enable/ Disable for JQuery using
    Specially, Magento Ajax cart extension is designed to not overwrite any files of Magento template. So, you can use this Magento extension for a lot of different Magento themes.

    Magento Ajax Add To Cart supports Magento multi-stores

    - It also supports Magento store with multi-languages

    - It’s designed and coded with 100% open source code

    - It’s very easy to install and configure

    - It’s designed to have Magento Cart UI an absolutely friendly interface.

    - Source code is validated with W3C standard

    ON SALE ONLY $ 30 :

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    Nice extension!
    I suggest Ajax Cart - Cart Drop Down Extension built by Magebay team. You can look at its features under. I consider you are satisfied with the good functions.
    - It’s very convenient for Customers to edit products which have been added to cart. Customers can update product’s options without going back to product page and update cart without page reload.
    - Display Cart Drop Down Block , automatic updates of new products in the cart dropdown
    - Allows customers to change quantity with just one click
    - Works with all product types : Simple, Grouped, Configurable, Virtual, Bundle and Downloadable product
    - Display quantity box in My Cart Block
    - Magento version compatible:Magento Community: 1.4.x - 1.9.x and - - Magento Enterprise: all versions
    - Ajax Cart - Cart Dropdown easily integrated with all websites

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    Default Ajax Add to Cart FME's MODULE

    Hi, No doubt Ajax Add to Cart is customer friendly Extension.
    Well,In Ajax Add to Cart Plug-in you can add or remove products from cart on the fly at wish list section without any reloading or navigation to other pages.Through Ajax Add to cart Module When customers click on add to cart button, products are automatically added to the cart in header links and right bar.Magento Add to Cart Plug-in Permit your customers to quickly add and control cart entries.Some more features are as fallows.

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    1. It can Supports all product types such as configurable, grouped etc.
    2.You can see configurable product options on the listing page as well
    3. Popup with independent contents, from our module.
    4.You can also Configure the timer for continue shopping dialog box.

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    Ultimate Extension

    Magento AJAX Cart Extension allows user to add, update and remove products from their shopping cart in a much easier way without the need of page reloading or refreshing. [Click Here]


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